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Big River
By John R. Cash
Recorded 11/12/57; Number 4 - Country Chart
First time played by the Grateful Dead 12/31/71 Winterland Arena, SF.Calif
Last time played 7/6/95 Riverport Amp-Maryland Heights, Mo.

Note-Johnny Cash played this song with the root note being in G-the Grateful Dead started with the root note being A- Enjoy playing it!


Now I taught the weeping willow how to cry cry cry,
And I showed the clouds how to cover
          B                 E
 up a clear blue sky.
And the tears that I cried for that
 woman are gonna flood you Big River.
A                               E                        A
Then I'm gonna sit right here until I die.
(repeat this progression in whatever root note you choose throughout the other verses!!!!!

I met her accidentally in St. Paul (Minnes