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Fat Albert & Da Cosby Kids In Da House

A synopsis of the Fat Albert episodes!!    Fat Albert Quiz below!

This series has Fat Albert and the gang of buddies dealing with the day-to-day problems confronted by children everywhere. Featuring Bill Cosby, the shows emphasize values and how to work through problem situations. Topics range from dealing with bullies and drugs to the arrival of a new sister or brother; from prejudice to learning to read; from the importance of studying to embarrassment over a father's job.

In addition to speaking through the animated Fat Albert gang, Bill Cosby directly addresses viewers, guiding them in understanding the dilemmas and solutions dealt with by Fat Albert and his friends."Learnin' from each other, while we do our thing..."

Live action bumpers featuring Bill Cosby were set around animated episodes of Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids, a series about a group of urban kids growing up in a Philadelphia neighborhood. The show was based on Cosbyís 60's stand up comedy monologues about his childhood.

The episodes revolved around the daily life lessons learned by Albert and his friends. Topics ranged from social issues to personal introspection and were blended with humor and music. Among the many great characters that inhabited Fat Albertís world were Rudy, Mushmouth, Donald, Bill, Weird Harold and Russell.

In 1979 the show was re-titled The New Fat Albert Show and featured a new segment called The Brown Hornet, a send-up of superhero cartoons starring a larger-than-life African-American crime fighter in outer space.

Bill Cosby lent his voice to many of the Fat Albert characters, playing Fat Albert, Bill, Mushmouth, Mudfoot and the Brown Hornet.

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids enjoyed one of the longest careers in Saturday morning cartoon history, running for twelve consecutive years; a record bested only by the many incarnations of Scooby-Doo. The show initially ran on CBS from 1972-1984, but moved to NBC in syndication for one year in 1989.

"Na-na-na, gonna have a good time,
Hey, hey hey!"

FAT ALBERT & THE COSBY KIDS™ Program Descriptions


1.Nobody Likes a Bully -- The Cosby Kids realize that the neighborhood bully just wants attention and friendship.

2.Talk -- Don't Fight -- A fight between gangs results in a death, making all of them realize the price they have all paid.

3.The Hero -- Cool or Fool? -- A man the kids look up to gets them into trouble before they finally wise up.


4.I Can Do It Myself! -- The gang tries to make friends with a distant, independent boy, confined to a wheelchair, who refuses their help.

5.Everybody's Different and That's OK! -- The kids finally accept a girl from the South, even though she is very different in many ways.

6.Old Folks Are A-Okay! -- After being treated to soda and cookies on Halloween, Fat Albert and the gang learn that they have the wrong impression of old people.

7.Who Is an American? -- The kids learn that being a good American has little to do with where you were born or what accent you have.


8.Mom Deserves Some Thanks -- After struggling to get his chores done, Fat Albert learns to appreciate all the things his mother does.

9.Mom and Pop Split Up -- The gang helps Flora through the divorce of her parents.

10.Baby on the Way -- After initially resisting the idea of having a new baby brother or sister, Dumb Donald decides that he loves having his new baby sister around.

11.Dad's Job Is Cool -- The gangs teacher has them spend a day on the job with their dads.


12.Signs Are for Safety -- Fat Albert convinces Cool Roy that moving and changing signs is dangerous.

13.Bicycle Rules … Safety First -- After a serious bike accident, the boys finally learn that a cyclist who ignores the rules is a danger to himself and a threat to others.

14.Beware of Strangers -- Hank sleeps through class and misses some important tips about how to avoid becoming a victim of dangerous strangers and finds himself in a bad situation.

15.Help Police Your Neighborhood -- The gang learns all about how to form a neighborhood watch and how the police work to keep people safe.


16.Do Your Job Right -- The gang pressures Weird Harold to give them some free ice cream at the ice cream parlor where he has a summer job. But Harold learns that his job responsibilities come first.

17.Heart Attack -- Save a Life! -- Rudy chooses not to learn CPR and then runs into a situation where he doesn't know how to treat a man having a heart attack. Film approved by the American Heart Association.

18.Responsibility … The Only Way -- Weird Harold spends all his money after he becomes obsessed with playing video games and can't help pay for the gangs annual picnic.

19.TV or Not TV? -- Monroe learns the hard way that he can't spend all of his time watching TV.


20.Study Makes the Grade -- Donald is tempted to cheat on an upcoming test.

21.Give School a Chance -- Rudy drops out of school, but is convinced by a local bum that success in life begins with a good education.

22.You Can Make It If You Try -- Thurman, a real klutz at sports, shares tips with the gang on how to study; they, in turn, teach him some athletic skills.

23.Reading Is the Way To Grow -- A gifted football athlete hides the fact that he can’t read, but finally admits that he must learn how.


24.Only Fools Break the Rules -- The gang follows a boy into all kinds of dangerous mischief at an abandoned amusement park.

25.Going Into Business -- The boys are duped by a fraudulent ad for a free bicycle.

26.Kids and Alcohol Don't Mix -- Fat Albert helps a friend, who is also an outstanding soccer player, deal with a severe alcohol problem.

27.Clean Is Keen -- Russell and Fat Albert have to tell their friend Suede Simpson that he needs to take a bath.

28.Four Eyes -- Heywood finally admits that he can't see well and needs glasses; when he becomes a baseball hero, the gang realizes he has changed from a clumsy Humpty-Dumpty to the coolest kid in school.

29.Folk Tales -- After the gangs television set breaks, they discover that the library contains many stories they can read and tell to each other.

30.Write a Poem -- Share Your Feelings -- Fat Albert helps Richard overcome his fear of letting people know that he writes poetry, then reads one of Richard's poems at a school assembly.

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 Release History9/9/72 - 8/25/84 CBS
 Sub Categories  live-action animated comedy

Studio  Filmation
Cast Fat Albert
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby
Dumb Donald Lou Scheimer     Russell
Jan Crawford
Jan Crawford
Weird Harold
Gerald Edwards
Eric Suter
Eric Suter
The Brown Hornet (1979-80)
Bill Cosby
Stinger (1979-80)
Lou Scheimer
Legal Eagle (1984-85)
Lou Scheimer
J.R. Biggs
  1.What color sweater does Fat Albert wear?




 He does not wear a sweater

2. What two characters are brothers?

 Russell and Bill

 Fat Albert and Mushmouth

 Bill and Weird Harold

 Dumb Donald and Bill

3. What city does the show take place in?


 New York



4. Who said "You like school in the summertime - no class!"




 Fat Albert

5. Who was the old man who sat on the bench?





6. Who was the superhero that the gang loved watching?


 The Brown Hornet

 James Brown 

 Al Green

7. Who was his sidekick?

 Lil Bad Brothaman

 Super Soul Man


 The JB's

8. How long did "Fat Albert" run on TV?

 6 years

 7 years

 10 years

 12 years

9. Bill Cosby did all the voices on the show???



10. Which character never showed his entire face?

 Dumb Donald


 Weird Harold


11. What was Fat Albert's Favorite Job?

Store Clerk

Taxi Driver

Garbage Man

Pizza Delivery Man

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