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Affordable Hawaii-Kona Hawaii-Big Island Hawaii-Honest Informational Resource-Welcome & Mahalo For Visiting!!
We are located on the Big Island, Hawaii in the town of Kailua-Kona. From our Kona, Hawaii base, we search to find and present the best and most affordable Hawaii restaurants, affordable lodging in Kona, Hawaii, affordable condos and real estate in Kona and the Big Island Hawaii, affordable
activities in Kona,Hawaii and the rest of the Big Island Hawaii. We also have links to Hawaiian made goods-craftsmen and galleries, and festivals!!!
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Farmers Markets on
the Big Island Hawaii!

Listings of the farmers/craft
markets. Affordable fun!!

Hawaiian Music & Craft
Festival Guide

The best and most complete
listings for Big Island,Hawaii.

Hawaiian Music
Local Hawaiian, Blues,
Bluegrass,Reggae Bands!!

Da Hawaiian Kitchen
Evergrowing list of local
favorite recipes & food. Ono!

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Big Island Beaches
& Parks

Pictures & Map of Big Island
Hawaii's Beaches & Parks!

Helpful Hawaiian Language
/Local Slang
Guide For Tourists

A way to help you understand
da kine locals-k den brau?

Hawaiian History Links
Preserving Da Culture

Hawaii Job Links
Hawaii's Colleges

Cool Stuff
Daily Calendar
Lake Party House
URL Submitter
Tipsy Calculator
8 Ball Fortune Teller

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The Latest Weather From Kona, Hawaii- Big Island, Hawaii!

Song Stick-Locally 
Made Flutes/Music!

Big Island Mtn Biking 

Kani Pottery Studio-
Kona Hawaii

Ua Koko Gallery
Kapa"au Hawaii
coming soon!!

Kona Association For
The Performing Arts 

Links to More
Kona Hi.Civic Orgs.




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        Copyright 2001 Affordable Hawaii Productions

Affordable Hawaii is a locally owned web business located in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on Hawaii's
historic Big Island. Our sole purpose to inform others about the beauty and services located on the Big Island, Hawaii-especially those goods and services which are affordable to the average working person. We aim to dispel the myth that traveling to Hawaii especially the Kailua-Kona, Hawaii area is prohibitively expensive! Since we live and work in Kona Hawaii we have unique insight into the affordable places to go, stay. and even buy real estate wise on the Big Island. We are not sales agents and the majority of our listings and links are provided free of charge. We do however accept a small nominal fee from some of the companies linked on our site.