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                          Aloha Da' Kine Friends! Welcome to Malfalfa's Hawaii Gallery!!!
This DeadHead has moved to Kona, Hawaii on da' Big Island Hawaii. I made the move all the way from Boone, NC which is also a beautiful kind place. Here in Kona, Hawaii things are also very kine'. The main difference is the weather. Kona is a tropical paradise-the winter time average daytime high temperature is around 80. Shorts and slippahs or sandals to you mainland folks is the norm. Most folks think is way expensive to reside here-it really isn't-and that is why we are currently building a new site to dispel that myth and  teach you about the beauty and culture of Big Island Hawaii-it is under construction at  or click>
At this site we seek out those cool things to do and place to camp or stay that are truly affordable. Check it out and let me know what ya think. In time there will be many pictures to show you da true beauty of Hawaii-it's music-and it's people. Jerry Garcia spent much time in his later years on dis island and I know why now, Maybe you will too, Mahalo nui loa and Be da kine all da time!!
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