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Grateful Ramblings
As a musician-i have been fortunate enough
to have gotten to know and watch the members
of both Phish & Widespread Panic grow and expand
their musical talents. I have seen both bands
extensively since 1986.

I believe now in '99 that both bands are jamming well
in the Grateful Dead tradition. The recent Phish shows
I attended were reminicent of the scene
in the latter days of Grateful Dead tour-lots of vending
bands playing in the parking lot to draw
new supporters. Inside the show the progression from
song to song with no breaks or very little break
reminded me of the Grateful Dead in the early 80's
when Jerry was well and the band could keep the downtime 
between songs to a minimum. Phish's music
is different in structure from the Grateful Dead's in 
one sense that it's not your build a groove
hit a crescendo-settle back down type of thing
but more of a build a groove-build many crescendos-
stop-change the rhythm-build a crescendo
(mostly through the fine guitar work of
Trey Anastasio and his major scale patterns.
I personally believe that a lot of folks just come
to watch Trey build those crescendo or high points.

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Thanks for listening to my story
More to be added soon-
page first made in 1999
updated 5/18/01

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