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  RAMBLINGS ON THE GRATEFUL DEAD An Old Tour Head's Perspective  

 MHey I'm Malfalfa-author of this page e-mail me at I was born in 1957-was 13 when woodstock happened My rock heroes were Jimi Hendrix-Alvin Lee of Ten Years After I listened some to Janis Joplin-old blues was cool too The Grateful Dead were not on the woodstock album because their performance was so horrible as Jerry Garcia once put it (I have the tape-it's definitely not their best performance Rolling Stone was the one cool hip magazine that kept me in touch with new hip music I was into Hendrix died in 1970-I started playing bass that year my first learned song was "Purple Haze" Mt best friend's cool hip sister tried real hard to get us to like the Grateful Dead-she gave us Workingman's Dead & American Beauty but at that time they sounded very country folk to us-we liked hard fast Rock music. The first album she turned us on to that we liked was Europe '72 We liked that album because it had a real long jam on Truckin' that we thought was cool We then went back and listened to  

 lLive Dead          Aoxomoxoa       Anthem of the Sun and decided that maybe the Dead were cool.We listened to these albums tripping looking for the hidden insights- and Im honestly not sure what we found The Dead came to our hometown in 1974 a show we missed=it sold out quickly I remember the local home town paper mentioning the opening song as being the Wabash Cannonball- and it was actually Casey Jones-good reporting I got off the Dead listening and picked up on Miles Davis & other cool jazz-dissed the Dead to my cool jazz musician friends until I heard Blues for Allah I heard Help on the Way-Slipknot and the whole side one and decided that maybe the Grateful Dead were innovative.Then is when I decided it was time to get on the Bus.      

  "May the four winds blow you safely home"

Part 2 Of My Personal Grateful Dead Story

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