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Grateful Dead Ramblings
An Old Tour Head's Dead page
The Dead came to Duke University in '78-I was in school
at another college and had exams-damn-and still hadn't seen them
I listened heavily to Blues For Allah &
Terrapin Station           Mars Hotel
          I still love Mars Hotel & think Terrapin is way overproduced
but has excellent music on it.
I finally got to see the Dead in Charlotte N.C. in 1979
It was Brent's first East Coast Show
I got a spot right in front of Phil & Brent on stage left side
It was interesting because Bob & Brent seemed to compare notes
all night long much like you would do with a new musician
in your band. The show was good but I was still not hooked
Finally on my birthday night-my college friends chartered a
bus-handed out beers and buds to all
and we went to see the Dead At the Fabulous Fox
Theatre In Atlanta Ga. Nov 1980.
Here I found out what the Dead Experience was all about
Brent's Keyboard was turned up louder than I ever
heard it since-The band was on-Jerry was smiling
Phil was pounding-The setlist was fantastic-the Fox Theatre
was a complete trip & so was I
It was a calamity getting all 40 Deadheads back onto our
charter-It took 3 hours to pull us out of the
fancy bar across the street. Our old conservative bus driver
was a complete wreck.We Kept giving him tip money to
keep him from turning us in to the police.
(By the way-later in life i got to see Frank Zappa twice
at the Fox.)
Our bus driver finally pulled over at a
in S.C-I went in and ordered 42 grilled cheese
sandwiches for the driver and us Deadheads.
(i don't think the cooks liked me)
The local cops pulled up -and circled our bus a few
times-we handed the driver more cash-he waved them
off-and we finally made it back to Charlotte N.C.
happy and feeling like family.
I stayed up the whole next day buzzed and waiting
to find out when i could get on the
(not the actual charter bus sorry)
Dead Bus Again
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"Once in a while you get shown the light-
in the strangest of places
if you look at it right"

Part 3 of my Grateful Dead Story